Virginia Possession Drug Penalties Marijuana Laws Cocaine Lawyers Arlington

Virginia Possession Drug Penalties Marijuana Laws Cocaine Lawyers Arlington



In Virginia, the illicit possession of controlled substance is illegal. This is a serious offense that carries life changing consequences. SRIS Law Group, P.C. have a number of excellent Virginia attorneys who defend possession of drugs and possession and distribution of controlled substance in its client meeting locations in Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Manassas, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

Our Virginia attorneys who defend drug possession  cases and staff speak various languages, including English, Tamil, Spanish, French, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Telugu.

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Virginia Possession Drug Penalties Marijuana Laws Cocaine Lawyers Arlington
Virginia Possession Drug Penalties Marijuana Laws Cocaine Lawyers Arlington

The following are some of the different types of Virginia drug charges one could face in the Commonwealth of Virginia:

  • Possession or distribution of marijuana for medical purposes permitted
  • Distribution of certain drugs to persons under 18 prohibited; penalty
  • Distribution, sale or display of printed material advertising instruments for use in administering marijuana or controlled substances to minors; penalty
  • Prohibiting the sale of drugs on or near certain properties
  • Possession of firearms while in possession of certain controlled substances
  • Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing or possessing with intent to manufacture, sell, give or distribute a controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance prohibited; penalties
  • Possession of controlled substances unlawful
  • Possession of marijuana unlawful

There are many different types of drug laws in Virginia. For example, a person in Virginia can be charged with simple possession of a drug, which can cause a person to be charged with either misdemeanor possession of a drug or felony possession of a drug. A person can also be charged with possession with intent to distribute an illegal substance. This too can result in a misdemeanor possession with intent charge or a felony possession with intent to charge. However, this type of an offense could result in the judge imposing a much harsher sentence. Simply because someone is charged with a Virginia drug offense does not mean that they are going to be convicted as charged. The drug charge could be dismissed if the facts are such that the Virginia Commonwealth attorney decides that they will not prevail at trial or there are some compelling reasons as to why the Virginia Commonwealth attorney should not pursue prosecution of the charge. There are also different plea bargain option available to the client if certain facts are present and the attorney handling the matter is skilled at negotiating a good plea bargain. As always, there is the option of going to trial and proving one’s innocence at trial. However, this option should be considered as a last resort as there are no guarantees as to the outcome of the case at trial, unless one has absolutely no other options available or one is certain as to the outcome of one’s case. Only the client can ultimately decide what is best for themselves. A good Virginia drug lawyer will lay out the different options and then the client will have to decide how to proceed. A Virginia drug charge can be charged as nothing more than a class 4 misdemeanor. This would still be a criminal charge. However, a Virginia drug charge could be charged as a felony as well. This would have much more serious consequences if a person were to be convicted of this resulting from a very lengthy probation to a lengthy period of incarceration. See Virginia Code Section 18.2-10 and 18.2-11.

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