Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws To File A It

A protective order is just like the restarting order. The purpose of both orders is to protect the person from any abusing situation. The term protective order is used in Virginia instead of using restarting order. This order is meant to protect a person from another person who has sexually and physically harmed, hurt or give threats to kill and harm any person by preventing that person from even approaching or contacting.

The person who filled the protective order will call the petitioner and the person who is an offender, in this case, will call the respondent. The Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws are really strict for this kind of act.

Categories Of Protective Orders:

There are two different types of protective orders in Virginia that are as follow

The general protective orders and those protective orders which are issued in case of family abuse. The general order is codified under the section of Virginia code that is 19.2-152.7:1 – 19.2-152.12. The protective order for family abusing is codified under the following section of Virginian code

  • 16.1-253
  • 16.1-253.1
  • 16.1-253.4
  • 16.1-279.1

To fill the family abusing protective order you need to go (JDR) juvenile and domestic relation district court while on the other hand, you can fill the general protective order into the General District Court.

You can get the protective order anytime on family abusing even including the different situations such as custody, divorce, visitation case or support etc.

In each situation, the petitioner gets the same protection that will prevent them from the respondent and they are not allowed to come near or even contact the person after issuing the order.

The variety of family abuse allows some relief just like giving you the ownership of the house or car and might be ordered to the abuser to pay the support for a child temporarily.

How To Obtain A Protective Order?

The first step of demanding for a protective order is that you should have known that what time of protective order you need either it’s a general or family abusing order. Family abusing protective order is issued in case of abusing which can be committed by the household or family member against another member of the family.

The general order is used for everyone who is not falling under the family abuse it can be your colleague, neighbor, friends etc.

To obtain the protective order person must identify the category of it and then the according to Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws they provide you a protection.

Three Types Of Protective Order:

There are three types of protective order in Virginia that are as follow

  • Emergency Protective Order:

This order is issued by the law enforcement officer and here the situation can be critical where you cannot wait. It stands for 72 hours

  • Preliminary Protective Order:

This order lasts for 15 days. This order mostly occurs after the emergency prevention order

  • Full protective Order:

In this order, the full protection provides to the victim and it lasts for 2 years and can be extended.

Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws are great to provide proper security.