Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws

The Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws deal with the theft crimes that occur in retail establishments. Most of the offenders are shoppers. They enter the establishment with permission. They either conceal the merchandise and leave the shop without paying or manipulate an item’s packaging with fraud to pay less price than the true amount. Typically, it is a type of larceny, which means stealing someone’s property without his or her permission. It is considered as the most common theft crime all over the world. It is a property crime and is similarly prosecuted as Virginia larceny charge.

Shoplifting in Virginia also depends on the type of merchandise that is stolen. As mentioned in Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws, all the items stolen with higher value like designer jewelry, designer clothing, electronic items (iPhone, a pocketful of mp3 player, etc.), and much more are charged as a felony. While theft of goods that possess less value are charged as a misdemeanor. There are certain classes of felonies and misdemeanors as well according to the law that is practiced by the state. The law enforcement agencies along with the officials ensure that these laws and regulations are practiced by every citizen of the state.

The conviction of shoplifting can result in charge of either misdemeanor or felony. The variation in the punishments depends on the value of the property stolen. According to the Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws, a person who is charged with misdemeanor shoplifting can be sentenced to 1 year jail and fine of not more than $500. Adolescent is often eligible for less serious penalties than an adult. Felony is considered as much more serious crime than misdemeanor and can be charged with even more harsh sentences. The offender of shoplifting, who is charged with a felony, can face a potential of 5 to 10 years in jail and fine of up to $5,000 to $10,000.

Regardless of whether shoplifting is prosecuted as felony or misdemeanor, the penalties that are charged can have a negative impact on the personal and professional life of the accused. Certain employers refuse to recruit such individuals who are convicted of a misdemeanor or felony crimes. Felony charges can also result in the restriction of certain basic rights like the right to own a firearm, right to vote, etc. The Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws also state that the convict may found difficulty in obtaining a loan or in taking advantage of educational opportunities.

Charging with a criminal activity adversely affects the life of an individual. Everyone has the right to defend themselves against the allegations. An experienced defense attorney in Virginia can aggressively explore all defense options for their clients. These options maximize the strength of the defense process and minimize the effect of shoplifting charge that may have on the offender’s life. They are able to negotiate for a first offender disposition, which in result can dismiss the charges and a clean record on the successful completion of probationary terms. They have a complete knowledge of Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws that helps them to build a strong defense plan against the allegations.