Assault and battery charges in Arlington Virginia

You may get in a fight, or someone may threaten you, harm you or hurt you. If this happens, you should know the laws regarding assault. You should know what steps you can take against the person who tries to hurt you. According to law, if you touch a person with an intent to harm him, it is called assault and battery. Both these terms are related, and people use them together. These terms are together and are also used in law terms together. However, these terms have distinct meanings. These two terms are different concepts.

How do you commit assault and battery?

In most states such as in Virginia, the state will charge you with the assault and battery offense if you physically strike the other person. You will also face charges if you try to threaten and harm the other person. You will face same charges if you try and cause injury to the other person.


Assault is attempting to injure someone. It does not involve touching the other person, just threatening him. There are many penalties for assaulting the other person in Arlington. If it is a simple assault, it is a class 1 misdemeanor. Assault on a family member is also class 1 misdemeanor. You will have to pay a fine of $2500 as charges.  An assault on law enforcement authorities or personnel is a class 6 felony you may go to jail for six months or pay $2500 fine. Unlawful wounding is a class 6 felony you can go to jail for a minim of one year and a maximum of five years. Malicious wounding is a class 3 felony. You will have to pay charges $100,000 and go to jail for a maximum of 20 years.


The battery is when you touch the other person as a threat to hurt them or injure them. You should know that accidental touching is not the battery. Many people file a case even if the other person touches them without intention. There are so many cases, every day there are hundreds of people who assault threaten other people. If you are involved in any case, you should take help from the lawyer. If someone is threatening you, they might also harm you if you do nothing. It is the time that if someone threatens you in any way, you go to the court. Hire an expert criminal lawyer from a well-reputed law firm such as Law offices of SRIS P.C. in Arlington. We will ensure that you get justice. Our lawyers are capable enough to handle all kinds of cases which involve threatening or injuries. Also, if you are facing charges for battery or assault, our lawyers can help you get away with the punishment. Sometimes a police officer may refer to a simple assault as a battery. It may be a mistake on the papers. We can help correct the mistake and ensure that you do not get the punishment.

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