Arlington Virginia Marijuana Laws

Possession of marijuana is a type of crime that is uniquely handled among other drugs. It is a felony to own the majority of drugs, but marijuana is an exception. If a person is found to have possession, marijuana is just a misdemeanor in Virginia, although it is still illegal in some other countries. So … Read more

Arlington Virginia Involuntary Manslaughter Law

It is not necessary that all killing are intentional. Sometimes any reckless or involuntary act as a result of fight or dispute may result in unexpected deaths or kills. Apart from this, the most commonly observed type of involuntary manslaughter is when a drunk person drives home and unintentionally runs over some person or pedestrian … Read more

Arlington Virginia Identity Theft Laws

When a person steals someone’s personal information and uses it for personal benefits or for financial gain then identity theft comes into seen. Personal information contains bank account numbers, debit/credit card information, pin codes or numbers, date of birth or social security numbers. For a victim it is very important to file the case. On … Read more

Arlington Virginia DWI laws

Arlington Virginia DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. The criminal law offense of operating a vehicle after having drunk an amount of alcohol sufficient to raise one’s blood alcohol content above a legal limit commonly referred to by the acronym DWI. Also known as driving under the influence (DUI). If you think alcohol-related crimes are … Read more

Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws

The Arlington Virginia shoplifting laws deal with the theft crimes that occur in retail establishments. Most of the offenders are shoppers. They enter the establishment with permission. They either conceal the merchandise and leave the shop without paying or manipulate an item’s packaging with fraud to pay less price than the true amount. Typically, it … Read more

Arlington Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you searching a defense lawyer? If you need Law assistance in your defense then SRIS Group Law firm is highly innovative.  Do you want to clear your criminal record? It is very important to take the true and professional advice from any proficient law firm. A reliable lawyer in Arlington Virginia is known for … Read more