Burglary laws in Arlington Virginia

According to the law, if a person enters a building with intent to commit a felony or steal, it is called burglary. The Virginia laws consider this act as a felony. The charges are severe and harsh. Many people enter into the houses of other people with the intent of stealing. Even if they steal a single pin, they will have to face similar charges for stealing something larger. The laws in Arlington are quite strict. If someone breaks into your house, you should put charges against that person. Hiring a lawyer, in this case, becomes necessary. It is the only way to get justice. Make sure that you do not leave the person who commits a crime by entering your home. You can do that only by hiring an expert criminal attorney from a reputed law firm such as Law offices of SRIS P.C. We have the expert lawyers who have been in taking cases of people who need help with catching the culprit.

Types of burglaries

Virginia recognizes two types of burglaries: common and statutory. The common burglary is when a person enters a house at night. Virginia has three types of statutory burglaries. The term that the law uses is Breaking. The first one is Breaking with intent to commit murder. The second is Breaking with intent to commit larceny, and the third is breaking to commit any misdemeanor.

There are also other forms of burglaries in Virginia. For example, if a person enters a bank with a deadly weapon to steal money, bonds, etc. is a Class 2 Felony. A person who breaks into an aircraft or trucks or other vehicles is a class 3 felony. If someone possesses the tools which he can use to break into a building is a class 5 felony.

Penalties for burglary in Virginia  

The state of Virginia charges the criminals with a huge penalty.  For a class 3 felony, the person can go to jail for five years and has to pay a fine of $100,000. For a class 2 felony, the person can go to jail for 20 years in prison has to pay a fine of $100,000.

If the individual commits statutory burglary in Arlington or anywhere in Virginia, he can go to jail for one from 20 years. But, he can always hire a lawyer who can help reduce the penalty. He may end up paying the fine of only $2500 and 12 months in jail. So, if you are in trouble, no matter someone steals from you or you are facing charges. At the SRIS law group, we have the lawyers who can help you. We can help reduce the charges against you. Our lawyers are experts in these types of cases.

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