Controlled Substances in Arlington Virginia

The state of Virginia classifies a few substances/drugs as “controlled.” It means that having these substances in your possession is an offense. The “controlled substance” is a drug or a chemical which the government regulates. In Virginia, there are six schedules of these substances. The items in schedule I According to the law in VA, … Read more

Child neglect laws Arlington Virginia

Child neglect is failing to meet the needs of the child. Neglect means to neglect the child and does not provide the necessities such as clothes, food, medical care, supervision, etc. There are several laws for this in Virginia. If you get a divorce and have the custody of your children, it is now your … Read more

Burglary laws in Arlington Virginia

According to the law, if a person enters a building with intent to commit a felony or steal, it is called burglary. The Virginia laws consider this act as a felony. The charges are severe and harsh. Many people enter into the houses of other people with the intent of stealing. Even if they steal … Read more

Arlington Virginia sex crime lawyers

Being arrested in Arlington County, Virginia sex crime can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. If the person being charged with a sex crime, it is even more horrible the reaction of your friends, family, and neighbors in Arlington can be very unfavorable even if you are not guilty of the … Read more