Class 1 Misdemeanor Arlington Virginia reckless driving

If you live in Arlington Virginia, then you should know the laws. No matter where you live if you have a car or any vehicle that you drive on the road, you should be aware f the traffic laws of that state. If you do not know the law, you can be in trouble. It will be bad for you and also bad for others on the road. Many accidents take place on the road because people do not know the laws. They do not know the rules and regulations of driving with minimum speed. For example, in Arlington, if you are in a residential area, the driving speed limit is 20 Mph. crossing the speed limit will cause troubles for you and others. You may have to face charges and pay a fine. The traffic police will send you a ticket which you will have to pay in time. So, make sure that you know the law. If you do not know, you can always take help from an expert traffic lawyer who will explain to you all the laws, rules and regulations. Taking help from one of our expert lawyers at the Law offices of SRIS P.C. is a great idea.

Class 1 Misdemeanor

Class 1 Misdemeanor is the smallest offense that you can make. If you commit a crime or an offense which comes under the Class 1 Misdemeanor, you will face fewer charges. The class 1 is punishable by a fine of $250 to $2500 and 12 months in jail.

The reckless driving may be a felony, but under some situations, the court will charge it as a misdemeanor 1. For example, if the police officer stops you from crossing the speed limit just over 80 Mph he will charge you with a Misdemeanor 1. It may be a small charge against you, but it is still a criminal record. The DMV will update your criminal record. You may get away with a small fine the first time you make a mistake of reckless driving. But if you do the same again within five years, the charges will be more.

Hire a lawyer

If you are in trouble and are facing charges, you can always take help. Not many people hire a lawyer for a class 1 punishment. But it is always a good idea to have a lawyer. He will help you get away with the charges and also ensure that the court does not add any criminal record to your profile. Having a lawyer is a necessity. If you are in Arlington, you should hire one of our capable traffic attorneys at the Law offices of SRIS P.C. We have the best and the most expert lawyers in the state. We have experience in dealing with all sorts of traffic cases. We also charge a minimum fee. We also accept various payment options.

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Child neglect laws Arlington Virginia

Child neglect is failing to meet the needs of the child. Neglect means to neglect the child and does not provide the necessities such as clothes, food, medical care, supervision, etc. There are several laws for this in Virginia. If you get a divorce and have the custody of your children, it is now your responsibility to provide them with the necessities. Make sure that you do your best. If you do not provide them the necessities, the state will charge you with the child neglect and abuse laws. By law, any parent who is responsible for the child’s care and des willingly refuse to provide the necessary care is a criminal and the court will charge him with a class 4 Felony. If you think that your parent is not doing justice with your children, you can file a case against them in the court. Your partner may get the custody but is not capable of caring for the basic needs. It is when you should get help from a lawyer.

The child neglect laws

The child neglect laws define that a person who does not provide and care commits a felony. If a person neglects his child and does not provide the care that he needs and in doing so someone harms the child, it is a misdemeanor. There is a range of penalties which a person may face for child neglect. For example, termination of parental rights is the most common penalty that the judge orders. It is an addition to the criminal record which may stay in the profile for the entire life. The parent may lose the supervision of the child. The judge may even not allow that parent to see the child anymore for a certain period. The penalties differ in every case. The severity of the case and the severity of neglecting the child’s needs also determine the penalty.

Hire a lawyer

If you live in Arlington and need help with this kind of cases, you should seek expert help. If you think that your partner is not doing the justice with your children, you should take legal help. You can file a case against your partner. Make sure that you have the evidence and also the child’s witness. You may file a case against your partner if he fails to provide medical assistance to the child. You may file a case against your partner even if he fails to provide emotional security to the child. The laws are strict in Virginia. So, if you have the custody of your child, you should know all these laws. If you fail to provide even a single necessity, you may lose the custody. Having a lawyer by your side is always a plus point. He knows the laws, and he will also guide you.

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Burglary laws in Arlington Virginia

According to the law, if a person enters a building with intent to commit a felony or steal, it is called burglary. The Virginia laws consider this act as a felony. The charges are severe and harsh. Many people enter into the houses of other people with the intent of stealing. Even if they steal a single pin, they will have to face similar charges for stealing something larger. The laws in Arlington are quite strict. If someone breaks into your house, you should put charges against that person. Hiring a lawyer, in this case, becomes necessary. It is the only way to get justice. Make sure that you do not leave the person who commits a crime by entering your home. You can do that only by hiring an expert criminal attorney from a reputed law firm such as Law offices of SRIS P.C. We have the expert lawyers who have been in taking cases of people who need help with catching the culprit.

Types of burglaries

Virginia recognizes two types of burglaries: common and statutory. The common burglary is when a person enters a house at night. Virginia has three types of statutory burglaries. The term that the law uses is Breaking. The first one is Breaking with intent to commit murder. The second is Breaking with intent to commit larceny, and the third is breaking to commit any misdemeanor.

There are also other forms of burglaries in Virginia. For example, if a person enters a bank with a deadly weapon to steal money, bonds, etc. is a Class 2 Felony. A person who breaks into an aircraft or trucks or other vehicles is a class 3 felony. If someone possesses the tools which he can use to break into a building is a class 5 felony.

Penalties for burglary in Virginia  

The state of Virginia charges the criminals with a huge penalty.  For a class 3 felony, the person can go to jail for five years and has to pay a fine of $100,000. For a class 2 felony, the person can go to jail for 20 years in prison has to pay a fine of $100,000.

If the individual commits statutory burglary in Arlington or anywhere in Virginia, he can go to jail for one from 20 years. But, he can always hire a lawyer who can help reduce the penalty. He may end up paying the fine of only $2500 and 12 months in jail. So, if you are in trouble, no matter someone steals from you or you are facing charges. At the SRIS law group, we have the lawyers who can help you. We can help reduce the charges against you. Our lawyers are experts in these types of cases.

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Assault and battery charges in Arlington Virginia

You may get in a fight, or someone may threaten you, harm you or hurt you. If this happens, you should know the laws regarding assault. You should know what steps you can take against the person who tries to hurt you. According to law, if you touch a person with an intent to harm him, it is called assault and battery. Both these terms are related, and people use them together. These terms are together and are also used in law terms together. However, these terms have distinct meanings. These two terms are different concepts.

How do you commit assault and battery?

In most states such as in Virginia, the state will charge you with the assault and battery offense if you physically strike the other person. You will also face charges if you try to threaten and harm the other person. You will face same charges if you try and cause injury to the other person.


Assault is attempting to injure someone. It does not involve touching the other person, just threatening him. There are many penalties for assaulting the other person in Arlington. If it is a simple assault, it is a class 1 misdemeanor. Assault on a family member is also class 1 misdemeanor. You will have to pay a fine of $2500 as charges.  An assault on law enforcement authorities or personnel is a class 6 felony you may go to jail for six months or pay $2500 fine. Unlawful wounding is a class 6 felony you can go to jail for a minim of one year and a maximum of five years. Malicious wounding is a class 3 felony. You will have to pay charges $100,000 and go to jail for a maximum of 20 years.


The battery is when you touch the other person as a threat to hurt them or injure them. You should know that accidental touching is not the battery. Many people file a case even if the other person touches them without intention. There are so many cases, every day there are hundreds of people who assault threaten other people. If you are involved in any case, you should take help from the lawyer. If someone is threatening you, they might also harm you if you do nothing. It is the time that if someone threatens you in any way, you go to the court. Hire an expert criminal lawyer from a well-reputed law firm such as Law offices of SRIS P.C. in Arlington. We will ensure that you get justice. Our lawyers are capable enough to handle all kinds of cases which involve threatening or injuries. Also, if you are facing charges for battery or assault, our lawyers can help you get away with the punishment. Sometimes a police officer may refer to a simple assault as a battery. It may be a mistake on the papers. We can help correct the mistake and ensure that you do not get the punishment.

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Arlington Virginia Speeding Ticket Laws

Speeding is a crime. You need to know the traffic laws before you go on the road. No matter you are driving a car, truck, or a motorbike, over speeding is not allowed in any case. When you cross a certain limit of speed, the traffic wardens will put a ticket on your vehicle. In Virginia, the ticketing and traffic laws are quite strict. Driving under influence, over speeding, reckless driving, not parking correctly, etc. All these are offenses, and you will receive a ticket for these offenses or even go to jail. The Arlington Virginia speeding ticket laws are very strict, and you should know them. Hiring a ticketing lawyer or an expert traffic attorney form Law offices of SRIS P.C. will surely be of great help. Our lawyers are expert at the driving and traffic laws.

We know and have experience in dealing with traffic cases for many years. Whenever you are driving, you may unknowingly cross the speed limit. It will cost you huge fines. We can help you reduce the charges. You may not be over speeding at all. There are many ways in which our attorneys can help you reduce or get away with the charges or Fine the traffic police puts on you. But, it does not mean that you over speed. Virginia takes traffic laws very seriously. Make sure that you read the traffic signs. If you are violating, you will instantly receive a ticket. However, having a ticketing attorney is vital.

Speeding ticket laws in Arlington

In Arlington Virginia, the speed ticketing laws are very strict. If you over speed, you will receive a ticket for $200. It is not just the penalty or charges that you have to pay; you will also receive $6 on every mile you cross the limit. For example, if the speed limit is 20 Mph and you are going at 25 Mph, you will receive a ticket of $200 and $30 more for those extra 5 miles. So, you need to be very careful while driving and looking at those speeding signs on the road.

Taking help from expert attorneys

You may not cross the speed limit intentionally; you may not see the sign. It can be any reason for over speeding. You can take our help at Law offices of SRIS P.C. We will make sure that you receive fewer charges for the traffic violation. We have expert speed ticketing and traffic attorneys who understand the Arlington Virginia speeding ticket laws. Hiring one of our experienced lawyers will certainly reduce those charges.

The penalty for over speeding in Virginia does not stop at $6. If you over speed in kids zone or school zone it may increase up to $7. In a residential area, it will increase up to $8. Reckless driving is also another traffic violation which is punishable by three years fine. To reduce the charges, hire one of our expert lawyers at Law offices of SRIS P.C.

Arlington Virginia sex crime lawyers

Being arrested in Arlington County, Virginia sex crime can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life. If the person being charged with a sex crime, it is even more horrible the reaction of your friends, family, and neighbors in Arlington can be very unfavorable even if you are not guilty of the offense for which you are accused. If you are involved in this situation, the best way you can take is to become informed of the laws regarding sex crimes in Virginia and also consult with an Arlington sex crimes lawyer. Arlington County sex crime attorneys are available any time of day to discuss your case and your options in a way that is effective and easy to understand and other information about this actions under the Virginia laws guidelines. If you hire lawyers, they will explore every legal option in your defense, and they will work to your protection. Felonies are the more serious offense and may result in the maximum punishments and charges. To better understand the potential penalties you may know about the following breakdown of every major category of Virginia sex crimes.

•    Rape

The most serious sex crimes in Virginia is the rape case. Rape is considered to be engaging in sexual relations with a person by either using force or the threat of force, while the victim is physically or mentally disturbed when the victim is under age 13. The maximum penalty for rape is life imprisonment. In addition, when the victim is underage and the offender is more than three years older, the law prescribes a minimum sentence of 25 years to life. This is a serious offense and you may consult with an experienced Arlington sex crimes lawyer.

  • Object Sexual Penetration

A person can be charged in this action they penetrate the anus of a person other than for a bona fide medical purpose, or a victim penetrates his or her own body with an object or engages in such acts with any other person or animal.

  • Sexual Battery

In Virginia, sexual battery is considered to be sexual abuse carried out by the threat of force, intimidation, or deception.

  • Intentional touching of the victim’s intimate parts
  • Forcing the victim to touch the offender’s intimate parts
  • Forcing another person to touch the victim’s intimate parts

In Virginia, sex crimes are also subject to punishment. Attempted rape, object sexual penetration and other actions that are related to the sexual are subject to a two to the 10-year prison sentence and a fine. An attempted sexual battery is subject to a year in jail and a fine. In Virginia sex crimes laws are complex, therefore you will consult with a knowledgeable attorney to review all of the facts of your case and provide the legal options available for your protection. Whether you are facing serious criminal penalties. Arlington attorney can provide calm and clarity to the judicial process and he will fight to minimize the impact of the charges on your freedom and your reputation.

Arlington Virginia reckless driving attorney

If you are a resident of Arlington Virginia, then it is necessary for you to make sure that you do not have to face issues regarding reckless driving laws. When it comes to seeing this fact that which is the best way to live your life in Virginia then one of the best ways which can be used by you is to make sure that you have to abide by all rules in Virginia. This fact is very imperative for a person to consider that he should follow all rules which are important to follow. Hiring an attorney will also help to solve issues.

Reckless driving and Virginia

This fact needs to keep in mind that there are a number of reckless drivers in Virginia. One of the best ways which can be used by you is to get rid of this problem. A reckless driver is a drive which violates all of the rules during driving. If you are living in Arlington Virginia, then it is imperative for you to make sure that reckless driving is very important to take care of. It is one of the major issues which every person has to face. When it comes to facing this issue then all of the rules are implemented on the person.

Abiding laws

It is imperative to know that when it comes to rules and regulations then a person has to abide by all of them. It is not wrong to say that Virginia is very strict in following rules. If you are a person who is living in Virginia, then one of the best ways which can be used by you is to make sure that you have to follow all of the rules.

The rules in Virginia is very strict regarding reckless driving. If you are one of those people who has to face issues, then make sure to hire an attorney for the sake of getting rid of this problem. He will surely know ways which directly leads you towards the way which helps you to get rid of issues. It is one of the best ways which can be used by you for getting rid of problems. If you are living in Virginia, then you have to abide by all rules. According to law, you have to focus on driving and should not be involved in reckless driving so that you did not have to face any kind of issue regarding the law.

Therefore, when it comes to facing issues related to reckless driving law in Arlington Virginia then hiring an attorney one of the best way which can be used by you is to make sure to hire an attorney. It can say that it is one of the best ways which can be used by a person for getting rid of issues. In short, if you are in Virginia and has to face issues related to the law then hiring an attorney is a key which helps to unlock all solutions to problems. It is one of the best ways which can be used by you for getting rid of issues.

Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws To File A It

A protective order is just like the restarting order. The purpose of both orders is to protect the person from any abusing situation. The term protective order is used in Virginia instead of using restarting order. This order is meant to protect a person from another person who has sexually and physically harmed, hurt or give threats to kill and harm any person by preventing that person from even approaching or contacting.

The person who filled the protective order will call the petitioner and the person who is an offender, in this case, will call the respondent. The Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws are really strict for this kind of act.

Categories Of Protective Orders:

There are two different types of protective orders in Virginia that are as follow

The general protective orders and those protective orders which are issued in case of family abuse. The general order is codified under the section of Virginia code that is 19.2-152.7:1 – 19.2-152.12. The protective order for family abusing is codified under the following section of Virginian code

  • 16.1-253
  • 16.1-253.1
  • 16.1-253.4
  • 16.1-279.1

To fill the family abusing protective order you need to go (JDR) juvenile and domestic relation district court while on the other hand, you can fill the general protective order into the General District Court.

You can get the protective order anytime on family abusing even including the different situations such as custody, divorce, visitation case or support etc.

In each situation, the petitioner gets the same protection that will prevent them from the respondent and they are not allowed to come near or even contact the person after issuing the order.

The variety of family abuse allows some relief just like giving you the ownership of the house or car and might be ordered to the abuser to pay the support for a child temporarily.

How To Obtain A Protective Order?

The first step of demanding for a protective order is that you should have known that what time of protective order you need either it’s a general or family abusing order. Family abusing protective order is issued in case of abusing which can be committed by the household or family member against another member of the family.

The general order is used for everyone who is not falling under the family abuse it can be your colleague, neighbor, friends etc.

To obtain the protective order person must identify the category of it and then the according to Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws they provide you a protection.

Three Types Of Protective Order:

There are three types of protective order in Virginia that are as follow

  • Emergency Protective Order:

This order is issued by the law enforcement officer and here the situation can be critical where you cannot wait. It stands for 72 hours

  • Preliminary Protective Order:

This order lasts for 15 days. This order mostly occurs after the emergency prevention order

  • Full protective Order:

In this order, the full protection provides to the victim and it lasts for 2 years and can be extended.

Arlington Virginia Protective Orders Laws are great to provide proper security.

Arlington Virginia Murder Laws and Hiring the Trusted Attorney

There are many forms of murders and the attorneys in Arlington have a vast experience in the investigation and trial of these cases. It is a fact that the most serious crime that a person can be charged with is murder and homicide. The lawyers in this state have the ability to evaluate the strength of this case and they can build a strong defense. The types of murder cases that they can handle are.

  • The capital murder along with penalty cases.
  • Murder of a person intentionally or accidently.
  • The manslaughter which is the result of sudden influence arising from a sufficient cause. The degree of the charge can be reduced in this case.
  • The vehicle murders, which are the manslaughter due to negligent working of the vehicle.
  • The intoxication murder which is the killing of a man when you are driving a car but legally intoxicated.

So a trusted and experienced Murder lawyer can handle all the above-mentioned types of murder because he has the complete knowledge of Arlington Virginia murder laws.

The Defense in Murder

There are different types of defense in murder and homicide cases such as the self-defense, mistaken identity, and having no guilt due to psychosis.  The defense also includes the death due to the careless behavior and the factors necessary for the murder are not there. If you are accused of murder then make sure that you are not discussing the detail with anybody other than your lawyer. The investigators have the excellent training to interrogate you and when they are doing so, you are in their hand’s territory.

The presence of an experienced and trusted lawyer will guide you well during the whole process and he will help you to keep away from the traps. The police have a technique that will make you say all the things that can remove the defenses. Sometimes you say that you are not involved in a murder but the DNA test can associate you with it. According to Arlington Virginia murder laws, the penalty of first-degree murder is 5 years and it is not more than 99 years. If you are involved in manslaughter then the punishment can be 2 to 20 years in jail.

The Murder Laws in Arlington

In Arlington, the capital murder, first and second-degree murder, and manslaughter are all felonies. According to the section code, 18.2-30 manslaughter is also a common law crime in Arlington. Capital murder comes in class 1 felony and it is the most serious crime that a person can commit in Virginia. There are 15 types of offenses that are considered as capital murder. A person is considered as the guilty of capital murder if he or she kills the other person deliberately, intentionally, or with premeditation. If the person is 18 years old and he is not mentally retarded then he can get the punishment of death and life imprisonment along with the fine of USD 100,000.

Arlington Virginia Marijuana Laws

Possession of marijuana is a type of crime that is uniquely handled among other drugs. It is a felony to own the majority of drugs, but marijuana is an exception. If a person is found to have possession, marijuana is just a misdemeanor in Virginia, although it is still illegal in some other countries. So charging can be serious.

Another way that cannabis differs from other drugs is that the first program of criminals differs slightly. It plays a role in provincial courts, with far fewer consequences than the acquisition of other drugs. However, if it turns out that an individual has marijuana, especially if convicted in a second or subsequent offense, which can result in serious penalties, including active imprisonment and suspension of the license, it is important to work with Arlington Virginia, marijuana cases lawyer if faced with these allegations.
Everyone should be aware that possession of marijuana is a serious criminal offense and, if convicted, will commit their criminal record and continue with them throughout their lives. In the case of suspected possession, they should know that they have not been verified and strongly demand that they remain silent. However, they must also be aware that such cases can be protected in various effective ways, from maintaining the constitutional issue to discredit the government’s guide. This situation is always promising, especially in the absence of criminal records. In fact, even if this person is lost during the trial, he or she can obtain the first criminal procedure.
Remember, residents of Arlington are at the top of the middle class and will feel threatened if they see you may be alarmed. Since Arlington was built very well, this means the main road is only a few minutes (remember what I said to the police). With all these factors in mind, the safest way is to suck the car and leave the main road. If you do not have an Arlington car that has many parks, the best is next to the Potomac River. However, keep falling. The ethics of this story is that Arlington is a very cool place, but the residents are upper middle class and many of them have children who do not want to be where they live because they work hard to get to where they are in life and all the nonsense.

Although some states legalize the entertainment and use of medical marijuana, it is still illegal under federal law. Federal law prohibits the possession of some cannabis. The first conviction will be punished up to one year in prison and a fine of one thousand dollars. The second offense is a minimum of 15 days of imprisonment, a maximum imprisonment of two years and a maximum fine of $ 2,500. The third and subsequent offenses have a term of at least 90 days, a maximum of three years and a fine of $ 5,000. There is no shame or fear of talking with a local criminal lawyer at Arlington.