Child Custody Lawyers in Richmond VA

Protecting your relationship with your children is vital Custody and visitation issues, whether they arise during your divorce or between you and your unmarried partner, are some of the most emotional issues you may face. Of course, you hope that your relationship with your child will not be affected.

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Knowledge of custody issues we know how important family law issues are for you as a parent. We strive to use the skills and experience we have accumulated over 75 years to help you protect and preserve relationships with your children and grandchildren.

At law firms in Richmond and Ashland, our attorneys can help you build visits and child custody agreements that work for you today and in years to come. If necessary, we represent you in your cases of custody conflicts or relocations of children. An experienced family law attorney is an essential ally in such situations. Our lawyers can help you develop the strongest argument for your rights as a parent.

What are the different forms of child custody? Custody consists of two components: Custody – This refers to the right to make important decisions regarding your child’s life. Education, healthcare and religion are some of the areas where this decision-making power is relevant. Unless otherwise specified in a court order, you and the other parent share custody.

Custody – This refers to the parent with whom the child primarily lives. You and the other parent can share custody of the child, with the child primarily living with one parent.

The Virginia law states that “the courts should provide underage children with frequent and sustained contact with both parents, where appropriate, and encourage parents to share responsibility for the upbringing of their children. “What is Visitation? The visit is crucial so that parents and grandparents can play an active role in a child’s life after divorce or separation. There is nothing more important than your relationship with your child. We would like to help you to give your child a feeling of emotional stability and security.

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