Child neglect laws Arlington Virginia

Child neglect is failing to meet the needs of the child. Neglect means to neglect the child and does not provide the necessities such as clothes, food, medical care, supervision, etc. There are several laws for this in Virginia. If you get a divorce and have the custody of your children, it is now your responsibility to provide them with the necessities. Make sure that you do your best. If you do not provide them the necessities, the state will charge you with the child neglect and abuse laws. By law, any parent who is responsible for the child’s care and des willingly refuse to provide the necessary care is a criminal and the court will charge him with a class 4 Felony. If you think that your parent is not doing justice with your children, you can file a case against them in the court. Your partner may get the custody but is not capable of caring for the basic needs. It is when you should get help from a lawyer.

The child neglect laws

The child neglect laws define that a person who does not provide and care commits a felony. If a person neglects his child and does not provide the care that he needs and in doing so someone harms the child, it is a misdemeanor. There is a range of penalties which a person may face for child neglect. For example, termination of parental rights is the most common penalty that the judge orders. It is an addition to the criminal record which may stay in the profile for the entire life. The parent may lose the supervision of the child. The judge may even not allow that parent to see the child anymore for a certain period. The penalties differ in every case. The severity of the case and the severity of neglecting the child’s needs also determine the penalty.

Hire a lawyer

If you live in Arlington and need help with this kind of cases, you should seek expert help. If you think that your partner is not doing the justice with your children, you should take legal help. You can file a case against your partner. Make sure that you have the evidence and also the child’s witness. You may file a case against your partner if he fails to provide medical assistance to the child. You may file a case against your partner even if he fails to provide emotional security to the child. The laws are strict in Virginia. So, if you have the custody of your child, you should know all these laws. If you fail to provide even a single necessity, you may lose the custody. Having a lawyer by your side is always a plus point. He knows the laws, and he will also guide you.

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