Driving on a Suspended License in Arlington Virginia

Every state has different laws for traffic. Every time you are on the road, you should know that you have to follow the rules. You need to know what the road signs mean. You need to know when to turn and when to stop. These are all the basics. Another thing which is common and people know is not driving with a suspended license. Everyone knows that if they are driving, they should have a license which is active. If your license expires at some time, make sure that you renew it. Driving with an expired license is also an offense.

Suspended License

There are many grounds for license suspension in Virginia. If you commit an offense such as hit and run, or DUI or a DWI, the state will suspend you for driving any vehicle. The state of Virginia has a demerit point system. Whenever you make an offense, the DMV adds negative points to your traffic profile. The DMV updates your record. So, if by any chance the state suspends your license, it will be on the record.

For example, if the court suspends your license for one year for reckless driving, it means you cannot drive for the next year unless you get your license back. If the police officer catches you while driving with a suspended license, he will out a heavy fine on you.


If the police officer catches you for the first time while driving with a suspended license, he will charge you with a class 1 misdemeanor. You can go to jail for 12 months or have to pay $2500 fine. It is a big punishment. You can go to jail for a small offense. So, make sure that you do not drive on the road if you do not have an active license. Besides paying the fine and going to jail, the court will also suspend your license for additional 90 days.

Once the state charges you with this offense, it will remain on your DMV record for ten years. If in the next ten years you drive the car or any vehicle with a suspended license, you may have to go to jail for five years. Make sure that you do not do such a thing if you live in Arlington. You can lose your job or current status if you go to jail.

Taking help from a lawyer

If by any chance you are facing such a trouble, it is time you should hire a lawyer.  An expert traffic attorney will help you reduce charges against you. Hiring a traffic lawyer from the Law offices of SRIS P.C. ensures that you do not face maximum penalty. Our lawyers are experts and will ensure that the court does not put you in jail. We may also help you get away with the 100% penalty.

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