Driving Without a License in Arlington Virginia

If you live in Virginia, you should be well aware of the traffic laws. The state of Virginia takes the traffic rules very seriously. The rules and regulations are very strict here as compared to other states in the US. No matter you live in Arlington or any other county in the state, if you do not know the laws, you can get in a lot of trouble. The traffic laws are very strict. The state punishes those who fail to obey the laws immediately and strictly. If you live here, you should know the traffic rules. The very first thing you should have is a driver’s license. You should have a license before you go on the road. Not having a license will get you in trouble. If you do not have a license, the court will charge you with an offense.

Driving without a license

Driving without a license is a serious crime. The police officer will charge you with a class 1 misdemeanor if you do not have a license. You can go to jail for six months or have to pay a fine of $2500. The state also has the right to lock away your vehicle. You may not drive for a certain period.


There are a few penalties other than just a fine for driving without a license. There are two types of violations you can commit. You can wilfully drive without a license or forgot to take the license. These are two different situations. You should know that the police officer will not let you go even if you forget to take the license. You will still have to face minor charges and fines.

If you wilfully drive without a license, the charges against you may be a bit more than a fine. You may go to jail, or the court may prohibit you from driving. The court can also suspend your license.

Take help from an expert

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