DUI Arlington Virginia First Offense

In Arlington, the DUI offenses are taken very seriously and as a result, the penalties and the consequence can be very serious. It is a fact that Arlington is a small state but still, there are a lot of people who consume alcohol. So it is obvious that there are chances of DUIs. So it is a matter of great public safety. So the police in this state along with many other law enforcement officers work a lot and making laws for DUI. It is very necessary for a person to contact the DUI lawyer in Arlington if he is being arrested for this offense. These lawyers will provide strong and aggressive defense against the consequences of DUI.

Without their help, most of the people are getting disadvantages in filing the cases because they lack the knowledge of the rules and laws for DUI in this state. So having someone who knows all about DUI in the courtroom is very important. In this article, the DUI Arlington Virginia first offense penalties and consequences will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a Look at them.

The Elements of DUI in Arlington

The section code which defines the DUI in Arlington is 18.2-266 and 18.2-270. According to these rules, there are about four ways in which a person can be charged with this crime in this state. The person is driving with the blood alcohol content in the limits of the state which is about 0.08. The person can be driving with mental and physical disability along with the influence of alcohol but it will be without breath and blood test. The person can be under the influence of drugs which can be the legal prescription but in this condition, he is unable to operate the vehicle. So in these conditions, the person will be charged with the DUI offense.

The Penalties for DUI offense

The DUI cases are class 1 felony if it is convicted for the first and second time. DUI Arlington Virginia first offense provides many opportunities to the offenders but it results in jail which can be for 2 months in jail. in most of the cases, the offender does not spend the whole time period of 12 months in jail but the first offense can result in jail and it is obvious. For repeated DUI offenses, the time period in jail can be extended.

The Suspension of Driving License

If a person is found with the conviction of DUI then the driving license of that person can be suspended. He will also not be able to drive out of the state. They will be eligible for some restrictions for the driving license which can be under some fixed circumstances.

The loss of the driving license will be up to 12 months and this loss can place a great impact on the lifestyle of the person. There are a lot of things that can happen to the person who has convicted this crime. But losing the driving license for the first time can be complicated in many ways.