Fairfax Speeding Ticket Charges

Although it may seem relatively simple, there are many different circumstances that can lead to a ticket simply exceeding the booked speed limit. Speed-exceeding attorneys in Fairfax will discuss each case of speeding, along with how law enforcement typically monitor your speed. Call the consultation and arrange a consultation today.

Apparently, this piece of paper is very similar to a ticket for speeding, but in reality it is not a ticket and is called a summons. If your speed reaches 20 km / h above the speed limit or exceeds 80 km / h, you can be charged with reckless driving. In addition, you can also be sued for speeding in Virginia.

Once the driver signs, they promise to appear in court on the specified day. In essence, it is a substitute for a traditional arrest.

Check with the designated officer to make sure you know if you have been charged with speeding or reckless driving. Reckless driving is a more serious offence as a conviction would be recorded on the criminal record. There is also a possible prison sentence.

The official must confirm the accuracy and reliability of the method. For example, it must be stated that the radar gun has been used to determine the speed of the driver and that it has been calibrated by someone capable of accurately calibrating it within a specified period of 6 months after the stop of traffic. In most cases, the officer uses devices specifically designed for speed measurements. Among the instruments used by officials, there is paperwork showing that the equipment is working properly and is well maintained and calibrated.

Calibration certificates should also prove this. The official must also state in his report that the device is well maintained and calibrated.

Even if it may appear to be just one word for word from an officer, officers must behave in accordance with the law. When law enforcement officers are on trial, they have a duty to tell the truth, whether they are under oath or not. She may face impeachment proceedings to reduce the weight of her testimony.

On some roads, it is not uncommon for police officers to set speed traps. They will often wait for drivers to race regularly, especially as there is so much traffic in Fairfax and there are rush-hour roads where they just sit and wait for the next speeder to pass. It is considered an administrative offence to overtake a vehicle that is driving too fast, even if the speed limit appears to be lower than one would expect. If you are driving at five miles per hour or less on a road with no signposted speed limits, a police officer may overtake you for speeding. Although it is not impossible to be run over if you drive only five metres per minute above the stated top speed of five miles per hour, only at peak times and only on roads where so many people are travelling at once, they can wait for the vehicle to be overtaken.

Speed traps are common on some roads. Speed traps can be set when officers are hiding in corners or side streets and monitoring motorists’ speed as they drive past. Then you should look for a lawyer to help you get your speeding banned or reduced by the courts, so that you have fewer points and pay a lower premium for insurance in the long run. You should ensure on your Ticket that it is a valid Ticket and does not violate any state or federal law or regulation.