Grand Larceny Arlington Virginia First Offense

In simple words, larceny is called as the theft crime. The courts in Arlington consider this crime as a great wrongful act. It is a felony when you take the belongings of the other person along with the valuable thing and depriving of the person and business completely from taken things. Larceny is a misdemeanor and it can be divided by the value of the stolen items. In this article, we are going to discuss Grand Larceny Arlington Virginia first offense.  Let’s have a look at it.

The Penalties for Grand Larceny

There are some acts which can result in penalties for larceny.

  • The larceny of the things whose worth is more that USD 200.
  • The Larceny of money and the belongings that are taken directly from the body of the person and their worth is less that USD 5.

The section code defining these punishments for larceny is 18.2-96 and it is considered as a class 1 felony. The maximum punishment will be the fine of USD 2500 along with one year in jail. This penalty can be enhanced in case of grand larceny and if the person has the intentions to resell the stolen items. The minimum penalty for this offense will be up to two years in jail according to the Grand Larceny Arlington Virginia first offense and the section code that will be applicable in this case is 18.2-108.01.  As per this code, anybody who stole more than one item then it will be considered as grand larceny. It is indeed strong evidence that the person has the intentions to resell the products that he has stolen.

Shoplifting and Hiding the Merchandise

In Arlington, Virginia the shoplifting is charged when the offender has theft USD 200 or less and the section code which defines the crime is 18.2-103. The criminal will be punished if following actions have been done by him;

  • Hide the possessions of the merchandise and they have not paid for it.
  • They have changed the price tags.
  • They have shifted the items from one box to another.
  • Many other acts which consist of hiding, changing, and doing fraud with the merchandise.

It can be charged with a felony in many cases if some fixed standards are meeting. For the first attempt at shoplifting, the offender will be sent to jail for one month to one year. If this crime is convicted for the 3rd time then it is a class 6 felony and the person will be sentenced to jail for one year along with a possible fine of USD 2500. It is according to the section code 18.2-104. It will be a grand robbery and will be charged accordingly if there is more money stolen and the shoplifting is done more than three times. In this situation, it is extremely important then you must contact the Arlington lawyer because the possible punishment will be 20 years in jail. The section code 18.2-95 will be applicable.