Hit and Run Charge in Arlington Virginia

In Arlington, hit and run is a serious charge and it included that someone is failing to report the detail and information about the accident and he is just escaping from the scene. If you have convicted the hit and run times then there are possibilities that your license will be suspended and you will be charged with revocation as well. There are many other penalties as well such as jail and fine of a certain amount. So it is very important that you must consult your Arlington traffic lawyer who is able to take you through the process and will build a strong defense according to the situation faced by you. In this article, the hit and run charge in Arlington Virginia will be discussed in detail. Let’s have a look.

The Hit and Run Offense in Arlington

The offense depends on some specific situations. The unattended vehicle which has the damage worth more than USD 250 then it is a felony of class 4 and it is for both passenger and driver. The offense will be a class 1 felony if the unattended vehicle has the damage worth more than USD 250 for both passenger and driver. It is also a class 1 misdemeanor for the passenger as well.

If there is an injured person and the damage is more than USD 1000 then it will be class 5 felony for the driver and for the passenger it will be a class 6 felony. The punishment for class 5 felonies is about 10 years in jail and for class 6 it is imprisonment in the jail for 5 years. So it becomes more important that the Arlington Hit and run attorney will be consulted immediately.

There are many other penalties associated with this case as well. If you are either a driver or the passenger and you are involved in hit and run case of an attended and unattended vehicle with property damage more than USD 500 then as per hit and run charge in Arlington Virginia, your license can be suspended for six months. If there is a death involved in this case and you have run without showing your identity then your license will be suspended for a year. The driver license will be suspended for 5 years if you have convicted this offense 4 times.

Expectation from Hit and Run Case in Arlington

This case will be treated same like other cases and the officer will provide the report of all the happenings. He will also call the witness who saw the offender leaving the place without disclosing the identity. The attorney hired by the offender will then cross-check the report presented by the police officer and he will present his own statement. It is also possible that someone will be asked why they have not reported the incident to the police and if the answer is not satisfactory then he has to get a lecture from the judge about the duties as being a driver. The degrees of the charges can be changed but it depends on the severity of the damage caused and the consequences.