Possession of Child Pornography Arlington Virginia

There are many severe charges that are being associated with child pornography in Arlington so it is becoming very important for a person to consult an experienced and trusted lawyer in this state. It will help you to build a strong defense and the lawyers will also ensure that all of your laws will be protected during the case. In this article, we will discuss the possession of child pornography in the state of Arlington Virginia. Let’s have a Look at it.

Ways an Individual can be charged with Child Pornography

There are many ways a person can be charged with the possession of child pornography in Arlington and we are going to discuss them below.

There are chances that the law enforcement department is patrolling the internet and they find that someone is viewing, downloading, and possessing the pornography of a child. So there will be digital evidence against them and they can get the search warrant on the basis of this digital evidence. After that, they will come to the house of the person and it may happen that they find him actively viewing the child pornography. In this way, they will attest that person on the spot and will take him to the police station. The evidence will be then processed and will be sent to the court.

The Definition of the Possession

The possession means that the person has the hard copy of the print on the piece of paper or the physical manifestation of the digital image. This can be a complete file or the thumbnail of the image. If the actual file is being deleted then there will be the small image on the phone known as a thumbnail. This small version of the image also comes with the possession of child pornography.

The Penalties for Child Pornography in Arlington

For the first offense, the child pornography typically falls in the Class 6 felony. It is class 5 felony for the second attempt and for the subsequent offenses. The punishment of production and distribution of child pornography is very harsh and it will not be less than 5 years and more than 20 years in jail. If the person commits the offense second time then the penalty will be five years in jail and it is mandatory. As it is a very serious charge so anybody who is facing it in Arlington must consult an experienced child pornography attorney immediately.

There are some specific penalties that can prevent the person from committing this crime after accessing the internet. The person can keep himself away from the internet and it is a condition of probation from child pornography. He can use the internet for some specific purposes only. In some fixed situation, the sexting is also considered as pornography. It can violate the statute of child pornography as it depends on the types of the image that is being distributed. The age of the party that is involved in this distribution is also a factor that is considered.